The Kickin' Pig: Authentic Carolina-Style BBQ!

Our mission is to smoke and prepare for you the best Bar-B-Q available. We believe our "Q" should speak for itself. The Kickin' Pig Staff strives to exceed every customer's expectations. We pride ourselves in starting with  the freshest, highest-quality meats, then apply generous portions of our secret dry rub. We smoke the meats with Hickory and Oak, low and slow for over 12 hours, until done to perfection. We are also a proud member of the South Carolina Barbecue Association.

You can also enjoy all of your favorites at our new Hot & Cold Food Bar! Serve yourself as you select from our delicious BBQ meats and sides.


About The Kickin' Pig

All of our meats are prepared "naked" (sauceless), allowing you to add from our own five, in-house made sauces to your liking.

Everything at The Kickin' Pig is fresh - nothing has ever been frozen. We don't even own a freezer! We buy as local as possible, in our effort to support local businesses and South Carolina. We truly hope that you will enjoy your dining experience. Please don't hesitate to let us know what else we can do to make your visit the best possible. You can reach us by using our Website's Contact Form.

All photos on our Website were shot on location at the Kickin' Pig on November 26, 2017.

Please keep in mind that we smoke our meats every night, planning what we think we will need for the next day. If we run out of a meat, please accept our apologies and come back the next day as we will have smoked more. Thank you, Mark & Staff



100% "Made from Scratch" Sides


The Freshest Local Ingredients


Slow-Smoked Perfection